Supporting start-ups

Through its regular training and mentoring sessions over the past few years, particularly within the CentraleSupelec Incubator, PICART is fully qualified in the specific needs and solutions of start-ups.

This experience goes hand in hand with the know-how acquired accompanying high-growth companies in the data, artificial intelligence, environmental, and chemistry sectors.

Thanks to both of these components, PICART is a gateway to achieving and consolidating potential: structuring the activity, using the range of possibilities of business law at each stage of development, budgeting the offer in line with the degree of maturity of the business… serving the best interests of the start-ups.

Beyond the law — financing innovation and technical expertise … These days a law firm cannot be an island cut off from the world. PICART knows how to capitalise on these skills to increase effectiveness.


Start-up in the field of the science of touch.

Advice and assistance negotiating a consortium with a public research organisation carrying out a program approved and funded by the State in the science of touch field. Tasks included negotiating and locking-in intellectual property, evaluating know-how and prior knowledge, harmonising contractual obligations and rights to the results.





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